Olympic Legacy Park, a view from the inside

For the last four months, I've had the opportunity to be part of an exciting new project in my hometown of Sheffield, the Olympic Legacy park (OLP). Having grown up in Sheffield I've always been familiar with the Don Valley area and the different sporting opportunities Sheffield has to offer, particularly the English Institute of Sport (EISS).

When I heard of this new venture, I was keen to be involved.  By studying biochemistry at the University of Sheffield, I have a particular interest in the new Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) and the types of research that will be taking place there.  Advancements in technology will be the next big step in being able to monitor and improve levels of fitness and obesity. The unique aspect of the AWRC is that it will be working alongside professional sportsmen, elite athletes and members of the public.

With our new office at EISS, I am constantly surrounded by a strong sporting atmosphere; walking to work past the portraits of the Olympic champions based at the venue and hearing school sports days taking place in the athletics arena reminds me how important this project is in keeping the Olympic legacy alive. My tasks vary from running the office, organising meetings with our partners and investors and preparing presentations for the local community consultations. I have also been involved in the social media and website aspects of the OLP including our Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Next week I am leaving to start a new venture in Australia. I am sad to be leaving the project but look forward to returning to Sheffield in a few years’ to see the progress that has been made on site and see the new facilities the Olympic Legacy Park has to offer my home city.