RICOVR is a research and innovation unit set up to identify what works, and what doesn’t, in terms of helping people recover and rehabilitate from Covid-19.

Based at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC), RICOVR will explore the role that physical activity can play in recovery. Through research and innovation, it will also provide evaluation and feedback to existing health and care services supporting people directly and indirectly affected by the disease.

The unit aims to address the long-term health and wellbeing challenges as the country recovers from the pandemic. It is particularly interested in undertaking research with people experiencing long-haul Covid-19 symptoms, whose recovery journey appears complex and non-linear.

RICOVR will draw on academic expertise in health, behavioural science, engineering, the arts, software design, robotics and sport and exercise science. Working with communities, the NHS and industry partners, it will co-produce programmes and products that aid people’s physical, psychological, social and economic recovery.

It will also support the NHS and primary care through technology and innovations that help people lead more active lives, as well as providing evaluation and feedback to monitor the effectiveness of rehabilitation programmes.

The unit will benefit from the AWRC’s strategic collaborations with industry-leading health and wellbeing companies — providing access to expertise in rehabilitation, health and fitness, and workplace wellbeing from around the world.

If you would like to find out more or receive information about how you can take part in RICOVR research, please contact RICOVR@shu.ac.uk