Community 25.05.22

iceSheffield penguins get a makeover

A new initiative by Sheffield City Trust has seen the learn to skate penguins at iceSheffield get a makeover courtesy of local schools.

The penguins, which are used by the public as a skating aid, enable beginners to test out the ice and find their feet before having a go alone. They have been at the rink for a while now and after lots of trips and bumps were in desperate need of a repaint.

As part of the Programme and Development Teams community outreach work the trust engaged with local schools and got them involved in redesigning the penguins and painting them, as well as giving each one a name and personality alongside their likes and dislikes.

David Bly, Sports Programme and Engagement Manager at Sheffield City Trust said, “We’ve had a fantastic response to this project and have been thrilled to see such enthusiasm from all the schools taking part.

“It gives the children a chance to get creative and messy with paint and also write their penguin’s story using their imaginations to bring them to life.”

Around 50 penguins were distributed to local schools to be re painted from their original black and white colours to however the children and teachers desired.

Andrea Hughes, Year 5 class teacher at Concord Junior School said, “This has been a thoroughly enjoyable activity to be involved with. Children of Concord Junior School have been so enthusiastic in taking part and the response has been incredible.

“They are bursting with pride that one of their designs is going to represent Concord Junior School and Brigantia Learning Trust.”

The school held a competition and nine-year-old Bradley Law came up with the winning design. Bradley said. “I’m really pleased and excited that my design won. I based it on ice hockey because it’s my favourite sport. I cannot wait to see my penguin when I come to iceSheffield to skate!”

The waddle of penguins is now back at iceSheffield ready to burst back out onto the ice and aid many youngsters and adults to master this fantastic popular sport. Each penguin is now also armed with a QR code which you scan with your mobile phone to discover your penguins name and more about him or her!

Visit Sheffield City Trust’s website to meet the penguins for yourself which will be available at iceSheffield from Saturday 28th May.

iceSheffield forms part of Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park and boasts two Olympic size ice pads offering recreational skating and coached activities including ice skating and ice hockey.