Community 14.11.23

Partner Profile: LivingCare Group

Jayne Pears, the Head of Imaging at the LivingCare Group, shares her insights into the relationship between the LivingCare Group and Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park.

The LivingCare Group operates the Medical Diagnostic Centre in the Canon Medical Arena at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park.

Can you tell us briefly about your organisation and your role in that organisation?

Dedicated to revolutionising healthcare in Yorkshire, the LivingCare Group seamlessly blends NHS and private services, ensuring personalised, distinguished care for all. Our ethos revolves around community engagement, making healthcare not just accessible but also tailored to the unique needs of every individual. As the Head of Imaging, my role is pivotal in upholding the gold standard in diagnostic services. We offer a comprehensive range of scanning services, including MRI, CT, X-ray, ultrasound and fluoroscopy, ensuring that patient care remains our priority. With the trust of thousands of patients each month, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

What positive benefit does partnering with Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park bring to your organisation?

Partnering with Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park aligns perfectly with our ethos of community-centric healthcare. The Park’s commitment to health, wellbeing, and innovation mirrors our own, and this collaboration allows us to tap into a network of like-minded organisations. Together, we aim to drive forward the vision of a healthier future, combining the Park’s resources and our expertise in diagnostics and patient care.

Can you share any specific success stories from the last 12 months that highlight the advantages of being part of the Park?

One of the most notable success stories from the past year has been our collaboration with Park partners to establish a mobile scanner (located outside the English Institute of Sport Sheffield). This initiative was born out of the need to provide immediate and efficient scanning services to the community, even before our main building became operational. The advantages of being part of the Park were evident in the seamless collaboration and shared resources that made this project possible.

The mobile scanner has been a game-changer for us. Not only did it allow us to continue providing top-tier diagnostic services, but it also showcased our adaptability and commitment to patient care. In fact, even before our primary facility was up and running, we were able to serve thousands of patients through the mobile scanner, ensuring that their healthcare needs were met without delay.

This is a testament to the power of collaboration and the benefits of being part of Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park. It underscores our shared vision of providing accessible and innovative healthcare solutions to the community.

The Park’s Master Plan aims to deliver whole population health and wellbeing change as well as helping to drive the economic regeneration of Sheffield and the wider city region. Do you think the Park is delivering a real Olympic Legacy and why?

Absolutely. Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park is not just a testament to the Olympic spirit but a living embodiment of its legacy. By fostering collaborations, driving research, and placing health and wellbeing at its core, the Park is shaping the future of Sheffield and beyond. As partners, we are proud to be part of this transformative journey.